How Pranic Healing Changed My Life

The first time I received energy healing, I was a teenager growing up. Probably the last place I expected to ever see myself in a complementary/alternative energy therapy. I had gone a few different types of energy healing and didn’t feel much.

I was at a crossroads in my life, I was going down a path of bad habits and a crippling lifestyle my stress levels and anxiety were at an all time high which I never even noticed at the time but I knew something didn’t feel right deep down and wanted more from my life.

I began going to energy healing again but this time a different modality, Pranic Healing.

I went along to a meditation class with my partner Judy in Limerick city that was hosted by Dermot O Carroll  and he introduced me to a meditation called twin hearts, at that time I had no idea that my consciousness was changing, I received a healing by a practitioner that was there on the day.

As I have said earlier I have received different types of energy healing throughout the years but this one was different, I felt lighter, with a clearer mind which at the time I didn’t even know my mind was so cloudy but I felt distinct clarity that day and I knew this was something big for me.

So I began going to Dermot in his clinic, but really had no idea of the journey I was going to take. Fast forward a couple of sessions I started to realise that my life and health had really gone down hill from substance abuse and my mental health was really effecting me but I feel I was blocking it out and just getting on with it. 

After my fourth or fifth session I was ready to deal with all my demons and go head first into the healing journey. I closed a business that I had built from a young age, I went back to college and started practicing and learning more about pranic healing. I am now a qualified practitioner and love helping people see the brighter side of life because I know how lonely the other side really is. 

As you can see in the photos I really was in a bad state the worst part was i was completely in denial of how bad things got but I still wouldnt change it as it has made me the person I am today and I am grateful for everyone that helped me on the way and are still helping me to this day. 

Pranic Healing put me on the path of self discovery and self healing and by this I fell in love with iridology and herbal medicine, My partner Judy and I decided to open a space to help other people on their own path of self discovery and self healing as we all have the power to do it, but sometimes we just need a hand to help us up at times to see our true potential.

What Iv learned about energy healing is that is can be beneficial In what ever way you want it wether that be pain relief , stress relief or just a time away to relax for you or a life changing experience energy healing is an aid for everyone in their own unique way because we are all unique to ourselves.