RaiseZen started out in 2021 with Liam and Judy, a small shop from their kitchen and a dream of helping people to live healthier lives!

We started this business because just like you, we wanted a place to find excellent quality products and brands that support our physical, emotional, and spiritual health all under the one roof. 

Our approach is simple: Health is the most important thing.  So, our mission is to deliver the best range of organic, vegan-friendly and sustainable goods and produce to help people live healthier and happier lives.

We are a small, family-run Irish business who believe in the importance of living life to the full and having the energy to do just that. 

Liam and Judy had been on their own journeys to get back to feeling healthy, happy and most of all – full of energy!  They were on a mission to raise their vibrations.  Between them, they came across so many wonderful products and approaches to health and wellbeing spread widely all over Ireland, and the world.  And they wanted to create a space that incorporated all these vital elements for overall health and wellbeing in one truly holistic place – and that is why RaiseZen was born.