'Good Vibes' Smudge Duo [White Sage + Palo Santo]

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Use this powerful, duo smudge set to promote a feeling of zen, clear your energy and boost your good vibes. Sage is a great tool to rid your space and self of negative and stagnant energies while Palo Santo helps put good vibe energy back in your space. Each set is beautifully hand-tied with our label attached! Our fragrant sage burns well and smells fantastic. Handmade in LA! Each duo comes hand-tied with product card and finished with a dainty Hamsa hand charm! Your case will include 3 smudge bundles, in a poly bag. Note: All natural sage products are placed in plastic bags for transportation. They are not intended to be kept in the plastic bags. To prevent mold please keep in room temperature, not in extreme temperatures and not in sealed packages.

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