Himalayan Salt Tea Light Holder

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Himalayan Salt Tea Light Holder - Cube

These beautiful tealight holders are made from Himalayan salt crystals mined from the Himalayan Mountains. 

They are versatile in their health attributes like other Himalayan salt products. 

Himalayan salt attracts moisture from the air and traps air pollutants, hence purifying the air. 

When the salt warms from a lit candle, the moisture evaporates leaving the pollutants trapped within the salt.

When a lit candle is placed within these holders, it gives off a pink to amber hue depending on the colour of the crystals. 

The Himalayan rock salt is known to ease stress, improve sleep and promote a general feeling of well-being. 

The warm glow of the salt makes it a great object for any room to boost mood and calm the mind

Himalayan salt is hygroscopic in nature which means that it will absorb moisture from its surrounding. 

It's then usual for it to get damp when that moisture is released. It is possible that when the tea light holder is received, it will be damp to touch but please be advised that this is completely normal and the moisture will evaporate once the tea light holder has been lit for a while. 

These T-Light holders, along with our other Himalayan salt range, are imported from Pakistan, where this salt originates. 

Length 3.5in

Width 3.5in

Height 3.5in

Please note that only 35mm candles can be inserted in our Himalayan tea light holders.

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