Mullein Leaves (Verbascum thapsus)

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Mullein has been used since ancient times for coughs and chest problems, and its use and popularity only seem to be increasing as time goes on.

The leaves, flowers and roots of the mullein plant are used for the treatment of various inflammatory diseases (including the ears), diarrhea, asthma, coughs and other lung-related ailments.

Mullein contains flavonoids, saponins, tannins, terpenoids, glycosides, carbohydrates, proteins, fats and oils. Mullein also contains approximately 3 percent mucilage, which is thought to be responsible for the soothing actions that mullein has on the body's mucous membranes.
Mullein's saponins are believed to be the explanation for mullein's expectorant actions.

Other Names: Common Mullein, Great Mullein, Candlewick, Candelaria, Feltwort, Hare's Beard, Blanket Mullein, Quaker Rouge, Torches, Our Lady's Flannel, Velvet Dock, Blanket Herb, Aaron's Rod, Feltwort, Fluffweed, Old Man's Flannel & Hag's Taper.

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