Nutra Lipid Tea

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NutraTea Lipid Tea - Hawthorn Berries & Holy Basil - 20 Tea Bags

A powerful blend to help combat high cholesterol, encourage the excretion of cholesterol and formation of deposits on arterial walls, while improving blood pressure balance within the body. Red Yeast Rice, Artichoke Leaf, Green Tea, Garlic and Fenugreek support lipid metabolism and maintenance of normal cholesterol levels.


Pour 200ml of freshly boiled water over 1 tea bag. Brew for 4-5 mins. Squeeze tea bag to ensure maximum goodness. Enjoy! *Each tea bag can be reused up to 3 times a day.


Green Tea (CAmelia Sinensis) 25%, Cinnamon Bark 20%, Red Yeast Rice (Monascus Purpureus) 10%, Holy Basil, Artichoke Leaf, Mukul, Holy Basil, Garlic 5%, Turmeric, Fenugreek, Hawthorn Berry 5%, Alfalfa.

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