Selenite Charging Bowl With 7 Chakra Crystals

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Selenite Charging Bowl - Hexagon (10cm)

Perhaps the most important tool in a crystal lover's collection, selenite is often referred to as liquid light, as it literally allows liquid-like light fluidity.

It is best known to clear energy blockages within a person or a place. It has extremely high vibrations which floods any energy field with light.

It is a fantastic tool in recharging other crystals and stones if it is felt they are not as radiant as before. 

Just place them on the plate after use.

Selenite is a fantastic crystal to be used during meditation as it allows clarity of the mind and instills feelings of deep peace and harmony.

All our selenite products make for beautiful gifts for loved ones.

Chakra Stones are included

Amethyst - Viewed as Stone of peace. It is said to soothe dreams and extend clarity and peacefulness to the waking mind.

Lapis Lazuli - Related to the third eye chakra, this stone is worn against psychic attacks. Promotes Self awareness.

Aventurine - Associated with the heart chakra, it is a comforter and aids in emotional healing.

Citrine- Associated with the Solar plexus  Chakra. Helps to boost self esteem

Carnelian- Sacral Chakra. Allows optimism and inner strength.

Red Jasper- Stone of empowerment and protection, Also used for fertility.

Clear Quartz - A natural prism, they take light from the sun and disperse it in the environment. It enhances psychic abilities and improves concentration.

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