Seven Chakra Healing Bundle

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Seven Chakra Healing Bundle 

The chakra system refers to the energy centers we have in our bodies.

There are seven major chakras, each in a specific location along your spine. 

Benefits of clearing your chakras : We can release blocked energies and create harmony in these areas to nurture physical and emotional well-being.

Performing self-chakra on a daily or weekly basis is a wonderful way to take care of our mind, body and spirit,

How to use this bundle 

Wear your Seven Chakra healing stones bracelet 

Set your intentions to cleanse you’re chakras 

Sage and/or burn incense

Put each chakra stone where your energy centre is of that stone and feel the benefits

Bundle includes

  1. Chakra Bracelet
  2. Chakra Stones 
  3. Seven Chakra Sage Stick 
  4. Seashell Sage Plate 
  5. Seven Chakra Incense Sticks 
  6. OM Incense Holder 

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Bundle Price €34.99



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