GROSCHE RIO Glass Infusion Water Pitcher and Sangria Maker

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The GROSCHE RIO water Infuser pitcher and Sangria maker is the pinnacle of style and functionality. It is perfect for infusing water with fruits and herbs. The RIO has a 34 oz. (1000 ml) capacity which is great for mixing a standard-sized wine bottle with fruits to make Sangria. It also fits a standard fridge door comfortably. The stainless steel smart filter mechanism not only helps with holding your fruits back but also aerates your wine as you pour. Simply put, the RIO infuser pitcher is a terrific infusion pitcher with unmatched versatility, style, and quality. This glass pitcher is built strong and is an individually hand-blown glass design. Each glass is a little unique and may contain air bubbles in the glass which are a sign of handmade glassware. GROSCHE is on a mission to change the world, one cup at a time. Every product you purchase from GROSCHE provides 50+ days of safe drinking water to someone in need via the GROSCHE Safe Water Projects.

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